new italian food

The Caciobab represents the synthesis of the different cultures of the Mediterranean people, the tradition of the Made in Italy dairy art and the food design!

The project “KeCacio”, with his flagship product, was born in the Summer 2015 during a trip of Angelo and Sara. The desire to combine the excellence food products of the Vallo di Diano, and in particular of Sassano, to a product that could be exported all around the world, brought to the idea of the “cheese kebab”

Sara Calandriello, with a great passion for cooking, always stimulated by the desire to try and by the research of the fine and refine taste, has put all her passion and experience in the caciobab realization.

Angelo Ricciardone, university researcher, has put all his continuous desire of new ideas in the realization of this project.

Caciobab is the result of many tests, discussions, collaborations, expectations but mostly of concreteness, passion and a bit of madness. Many days have been passed to think about its name, its shape, how to make it unique, how to enhance its taste. We wanted to give to the caciobab the power of the tradition and the intensity of the innovation at the same time.

The brand is the result of the merging of the prefix “Ke”, related to the word Kebab, and “Cacio”, which refers to the italian cheese called “Caciocavallo”, a typical cheese of Sassano. The derivation of the name “Caciobab” is quite clear: it is related to the main ingredients (Caciocavallo) merged with the famous word kebab.


The roots

The project “KeCacio” renews the famous history, unfortunately not ongoing, of the “LATTE SILLA” company, one of the first companies in Italy in the ’60, with expertise in making fresh cheese, in filling milk in the bottle, and in transforming very tasty typical cheese: a very big opportunity for Sassano, for Vallo di Diano and for Val D’Agri. KeCacio carries all the experience of those years to write the future of the next.

Caciobab is a tasty alternartive to the famous kebab of meat. Its mission is to bring all the tradition of the Caciocavallo cheese of Sassano, enriched with different typical products selected among the excellences of our land, all around the world.